KEY-Protect Keyboard

KEY-Protect Keyboard

Key-Protect, the complete keyboard with an IP-68 rated waterproof cover for easy cleaning and to minimize spread of infection.

Thanks to its protective cover, this keyboard can be cleaned with eg. alcohol and other bacteria & virus-killing cleaners without the risk of damaging the electronics. This way you can reduce the amount of bacteria and viruses on one of our most common work tools.

The protective cover is soft and flexible to keep the feel of the keystrokes as natural as possible. Ergonomic design with Scandinavian layout.

Please contact if you need less than 48 keyboards.

Minsta antal: 50 st
Antal 50 100 250
Pris/st 609,00 595,00 565,00

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Artikelnummer 13692
Material ABS, PU Film
Tryckmetoder 4 colour label
Tariffkod -
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